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frightenstein A sign at the park says that the building is being restored back to it's original state.
view post •  2016-04-25 22:12:48
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frightenstein It's almost totally gone now, anything that was hanging over the ledge has fallen off. I'd say there's about 1/4 of it left. I wish I had gone there when I could still get some photos from inside! The best I could do was climb up to it and stopped just short of the ledge due to the immense sludge.
view post •  2016-04-25 21:41:53
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frightenstein Reminds me of the brickworks before it got ruined!
view post •  2015-06-16 10:57:28
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frightenstein I remember doing training here with the military around 2003-04. Slept in the gymnasium. It was a once in lifetime kinda ghost town experience. Times I wish I had a camera.
view post •  2014-12-03 01:37:54
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frightenstein I mean to go every year so I can see the inside... I've missed it since 2007. Hopefully 2015 is the year and I'll take a few pictures.
view post •  2014-12-03 01:12:05
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