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Redline Sorry canucks747, I confused the property with another. I went by today and it looked almost as if someone was squatting there at some point. Blankets, pillows and bottles of water set around a couple rooms.
view post •  2014-09-13 23:55:57
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Redline Went there yesterday and both are still standing. Newer house is a real shame. Nice open concept layout. Older house is a side-split with a big barn out back with insulated rooms. Probably for apple storage.
view post •  2014-09-13 16:33:33
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Redline Was there with my girlfriend a month or two ago. I'll add some pictures I took of inside and outside. Loved the chandeliers lol
view post •  2014-09-11 17:31:56
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Redline Still there but it has been pretty trashed compared to its state in your pics
view post •  2014-09-11 17:26:59