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Location Discussions By ChevyShortBox98

ChevyShortBox98 I've wanted in here for a while!

view post •  Jan 16 2017


view post •  Jul 14 2016

ChevyShortBox98 Excellent location!

view post •  Jan 21 2016

ChevyShortBox98 Nice!

view post •  Jan 09 2016

ChevyShortBox98 This is still standing, went not long ago. It's been boarded back up very securely and is very over grown.

view post •  Nov 15 2015

ChevyShortBox98 Nice find, sadly it seems like the 407 chapter is slowly coming to an end. Not many houses left

view post •  Jan 23 2015

ChevyShortBox98 Is this demolished?

view post •  Jan 22 2015

ChevyShortBox98 Such a shame, I was in this one quite a few times.

view post •  Jan 21 2015

ChevyShortBox98 Nice, been in there lots before the boards were put on. The floor upstairs is ruined big times, and there's a lot of garbage everywere.

view post •  Nov 02 2014

ChevyShortBox98 Sorry for the sideways pics, not sure how to fix that

view post •  Oct 31 2014

ChevyShortBox98 I can try this week for sure, if I had to guess it was probably done on Friday, there were still lots of dump trucks and backhoes parked in both driveways.

view post •  Oct 26 2014

ChevyShortBox98 Still standing! Not for much longer though, fence is up.

view post •  Oct 25 2014

ChevyShortBox98 Both gone! Drove by today and there freshly demo'd

view post •  Oct 25 2014

ChevyShortBox98 Still standing for now! Sealed up tight. The neighbours across the road were staring and eventually saw someone on a phone,so I didn't stick around too long.

view post •  Oct 25 2014

ChevyShortBox98 Thanks! I'll check it out today and post an update

view post •  Oct 25 2014