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b3tamax When I visited this place recently the door was again locked and it is unaccessible.
view post •  2015-08-22 18:03:25
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b3tamax This building is being repurposed into Lofts.
view post •  2014-09-12 20:14:23
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b3tamax Hi there, this building was the CNR Bunkhouse in Brent. My mom worked there for a number of years! It was owned by a company called Hallmark which managed Bunkhouses for CNR. The rail line used to run immediately in front of the building, and the back faces onto the water. This building was closed around 1995 when the CNR left. I have some old pictures of when it was open that I will upload soon!
view post •  2014-08-27 16:53:50
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