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Tomo Creepy! Glad to see some photos of the inside, when I went back in early April everything was boarded up pretty tight.
view post •  2015-09-01 13:38:01
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Tomo This place has been repurposed, now called Clarkson Fine Cars.
view post •  2016-08-04 11:37:07
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Tomo I'm not sure what the future holds for the building, based on what I saw it looks like it is being repurposed. The floors have been torn up on the main level, some minimal construction equipment is out in front of the main entrance but there is still power to the building. I've added a few photos.
view post •  2016-05-23 13:52:43
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Tomo Based on Google maps, this place is definitely gone, turned into an extension of the parking lot for the GO.
view post •  2016-05-22 12:31:27
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Tomo Went there yesterday, the POE has a brand new chain and lock. The little structure right beside it has a notice saying it's demolition was supposed to be complete by March 2015, guess that didn't happen.
view post •  2015-10-03 10:33:42
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Tomo Went for another visit yesterday, definitely more vandalism since the last time I was there. One of the doors is damaged, new graffiti, some of the paperwork is now scattered on the floor, and there's a broken beer bottle right at the POE so be careful.
view post •  2015-10-03 10:26:41
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