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Torontoke Those houses were condemned because the basement\crawl spaces are about 5 feet above the subway tunnels. My kids used to have a nanny that lived there. When a subway would go by you couldn't talk in her basement.
view post •  2014-12-09 02:17:11
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Torontoke Demolished this past summer
view post •  2014-12-09 02:07:47
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Torontoke I remember an article in a local thorold paper about ten years ago that said this ship was hit by two bolts of lightning in one storm. Thats how the fire started.
view post •  2014-08-23 14:02:29
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Torontoke What a shame. Its to bad the government doesnt step in and take these types of properties and give them to someone willing to fix them up and live in them again.
view post •  2014-08-23 11:59:28
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Torontoke This place was amazing 15 years ago. I used to rent these little rooms all the time. The family that ran it made all kinds of fresh food and what didnt sell was given to quests. One year i went and they had apparently given up and walked away. It was a roadside flea market and the owner offered to sell it to me for 220k because i said i loved it. Too bad my ex wife hated it
view post •  2014-08-23 00:10:09
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