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profile of Natashadiane

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Thank you :D

view post •  Oct 25 2018

Thank you! :D

view post •  Apr 26 2015

Thank you! :D

view post •  Apr 26 2015

love it!

view post •  Oct 27 2014

Location Comments

Id watch when visiting this location. My roommate's uncle went here this summer, and the property owner came out with a shotgun asking him to leave.

view post •  Oct 26 2018

Any updates on this location?

view post •  May 01 2016

Has anyone visited this location recently? Any info on it? :)

view post •  Apr 29 2016

Hello, the status of this location says repurposed. Is that true? last comment doesn't seem it is! lol

view post •  Oct 07 2015

If your planning and visiting this place go as soon as you can. I talked to someone that works at the ice cream business right next to it. The propert...

view post •  Oct 19 2014