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Manzil Does this place have a large enough entry way to drive a car into it? I'm looking to do some photos of my gf's modded car by the tires
view post •  2014-07-01 15:07:00
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Manzil I want to contact the owners of the one big abandoned car dealership. Wanting to do a photoshoot with my modified car. Think it would make a pretty awesome photo.
view post •  2014-07-06 22:06:16
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Manzil Is this place not demolished?
view post •  2014-07-01 17:02:38
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Manzil Just saw this now. Can't believe it's demolished :( it was such an amazing place and was hoping to visit again. I took many photos of this place ad will post soon :) glad I got to enjoy it while I could!
view post •  2014-06-30 00:45:37
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