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aeb00 Fall exploring is THE BEST!
view post •  2016-10-10 22:57:16
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aeb00 niceee
view post •  2016-10-02 17:10:45
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aeb00 This is an awesome lcn! & great pics!!
view post •  2016-09-19 22:31:28
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aeb00 Crazy difference...
view post •  2016-09-19 13:49:14
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aeb00 lol fiso...
view post •  2016-09-06 22:39:34
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aeb00 My friends sister worked here! lol!
view post •  2016-10-18 22:21:40
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aeb00 Oh man! I found this place about a month ago and the neighbour came on his ATV circling the house. I snapped a few pics quickly and went out to face him to show I meant no harm.... he was a psycho. I'd avoid confrontation with him if possible. He almost rammed my car with his ATV.
view post •  2016-09-24 15:46:06
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aeb00 Front porch and back section of house have been removed. I'm sure this house's days are numbered now that it's been brought to the attention of the township.
view post •  2016-09-06 18:39:42
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aeb00 This one was a great find!!! Good eye!
view post •  2016-09-04 07:40:05
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aeb00 Haha... enjoy... if you can... lol!
view post •  2016-09-04 07:34:39
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