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Photo Comments

@ishootthings I uploaded these just for you! Haha!

view post •  Mar 06 2021

This is an awesome lcn! & great pics!!

view post •  Sep 19 2016

lol fiso...

view post •  Sep 06 2016

Great Set! :)

view post •  Aug 18 2016

Crazy... I was there no more than two weeks ago. Glad I got to see it. What's with all the arson these days? The cahiague in oro was recently set fire...

view post •  Apr 15 2016

Location Comments

An interesting thing about this house is that after I posted it online the woman that was renting here reached out to me. It turns out that she also e...

view post •  Mar 23 2021

House is demolished

view post •  Mar 17 2021

This is demolished now.

view post •  Mar 16 2021

This was a pretty sweet place!

view post •  Mar 10 2021

My friends sister worked here! lol!

view post •  Oct 18 2016