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Location Discussions By ktolfree

ktolfree This property is now posted. No trespassing and video surveillance sign on the gate.

view post •  Nov 18 2019

ktolfree Demolished this summer

view post •  Sep 29 2019

ktolfree Demolished as of yesterday

view post •  Sep 29 2019

ktolfree Now Demolished :(

view post •  Aug 05 2019

ktolfree This little red house on the corner of a huge chunk of land used to be owned by my Grandparents back in the late 70's. James and Thelma Moffatt. I remember going when I was a kid. We had to pump the water in the kitchen from the well outside. Where the house sits to the north, there was a pigpen and chicken coupe. One of my cousins owns the property still. I'm doing research on it now on how to get it back in "living" condition. its a great location with a lot of history.

view post •  Apr 09 2018

ktolfree Finally got here. After what seemed like a year in the planning my son and I made the trip. We spent over 2 hours wandering around this awesome property and loved it. The day was perfect. The cars were really cool. (as you can see from the huge smile on my kids face) Unfortunatly you couldn't get inside the buildings. They were full of wood and junk. We could peek in the windows, but that's about it. Break for snakes signs as you go up the driveway. Caution, we spotted a couple garder snak

view post •  Apr 14 2017

ktolfree The location was locked. My son and I just happened to stumble across it. The barn is amazing, and the woodwork in the house is just beautiful. Glad I got to see it.

view post •  Oct 22 2016

ktolfree Caution *** it is being patrolled by Police and they are giving tickets for trespassing. Was there this week and given a warning. New "No Trespassing" signs have been posted.

view post •  Apr 19 2015

ktolfree On my last Visit this April (2015) someone took the stained glass out of the front hall. Was a little sad at first, but on closer inspection realized someone took care to take it out. Hopefully they will reuse in their own home, because I'm sure that the demo team would've just smashed it.

view post •  Apr 19 2015

ktolfree Similar Tobacco houses on Newtonville Rd, just south of hwy 9. General store across the street to park and admire :)

view post •  Jun 17 2014

ktolfree Drove by here last week on the way to Peterbourgh and it's gone. Just a pile of rubble now. The bulldozer was still outfront, so it must have been just resently

view post •  Jun 06 2014

ktolfree Very excellent shape. No fires or broken glass. It's really sad that it is set to be demolished. I'm thinking that the "New Home" builder Brook Hill owns the property now (plus field behind) and they are going to build houses there soon. Really too bad. I don't think we need new houses that bad :(

view post •  May 27 2014