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mattgrant1 That's where the majority of our visiting was - in the basement - but it was really dark and security was in the other building - so we only stayed for like an hour. Unfortunately we couldn't find t
view post •  2014-07-24 11:51:41
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mattgrant1 So the mushy stuff is carpet - hmmm
view post •  2014-07-04 21:26:19
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mattgrant1 Sorry for picture quality - at night with flashlights and on my iPhone definitely can cause bluriness. I tried to upload better quality pictures.
view post •  2014-07-04 21:21:46
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mattgrant1 There one room is entire rock - weird.
view post •  2014-07-04 21:20:21
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mattgrant1 It pretty much is completely boarded up. Except one of the boards wasn't completely screwed in, so that came off without damage. You gotta go in the dark, takes it to a higher level :)
view post •  2014-07-04 18:40:56
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mattgrant1 There's a 100 foot long excavator at the back of the building - it's pretty cool. But if any of you are able to make it on - get to the top of the building and look out to the right side of the building. It's something out of a horror flick - the top three floors on the back side are all gone.
view post •  2014-07-24 18:31:39
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mattgrant1 @phrenzee, I don't really care though - it's like a $65 fine if I get caught and they get annoyed. I spent about $65 in gas travelling there aha. I go at night to all these places (more creepy), and the only security I've encountered on premises is an abandoned hospital in London, but they didn't even care.
view post •  2014-07-22 19:17:53
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mattgrant1 @maple, you can leave your car outside the main gates, there's a roundabout just off to the side
view post •  2014-07-04 21:28:12
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mattgrant1 Security is pretty tight around the place. All known entrances are boarded up pretty secure. I'm sure someone will have it opened up shortly though. Hopefully get in one last time before it's re-purposed.
view post •  2014-06-30 17:55:52
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mattgrant1 I'm sure it was nothing - just really creepy, especially considering the age of the building, and the style of the building. I love exploring old buildings for the thrill, but spending days at a time in one, especially over night, has a real creepy feel aha.
view post •  2014-06-26 22:18:10
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