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Egregious Great Set. I really like the long exposures in the opening images. Nicely done.
view post •  2015-01-31 23:07:42
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Egregious I know, makes me almost throw away my "Take Nothing" policy. Well not really! It is pretty cool!
view post •  2015-01-31 20:03:10
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Egregious Tripod laid flat on floor and I hid outside the door.
view post •  2015-01-04 16:57:08
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Egregious WaterPik showerhead. I just replaced the same after 15 years of use. My wife keeps our shower somewhat nicer though.
view post •  2015-01-02 22:45:17
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Egregious Here is where I take issue with people removing items from a site. Imagine if every explorer took a hanger!
view post •  2015-01-02 22:29:36
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Egregious I love the historic photos superss. You really should get a firmware update on your time machine though. They have a fix for the bug that aged your camera equipment when you time travel.
view post •  2015-01-31 23:12:24
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Egregious I found this location myself back in January 2015 but did not have time to go in and look. Just took GPS data and today decide to see if it was already listed. Awesome to see inside and I will definitely put this on a future road trip.
view post •  2015-01-31 21:04:16
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Egregious Saddest thing is thinking about the poor children who have there lives turned upside down when adults can't manage their own lives. That's why I don't have any!
view post •  2014-08-31 16:45:27
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Egregious Farmer likely uses the location for dead stock pickup. The best part of dead stock is that so much of it is boiled down and separated into different products used in make-up and then woman smear it on their faces to attract men. Comeer honey, bring me those pig-gut coated lips of yours!
view post •  2014-08-31 13:49:24
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Egregious Great location. The link has some great shots.
view post •  2014-08-31 13:17:24
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