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RogerM Now that's drama!
view post •  2014-06-17 14:31:29
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RogerM Looks like a cistern.
view post •  2014-06-13 14:22:58
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view post •  2014-06-04 15:30:53
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RogerM Tim Hortons are never abandoned :-)
view post •  2014-05-28 10:28:13
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RogerM Thanks.
view post •  2014-05-14 17:58:04
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RogerM It was directly in the path of the 407, so yes it is gone. I have changes the status.
view post •  2018-02-27 18:35:27
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RogerM This place is gone
view post •  2014-09-22 19:03:03
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RogerM Congrats on getting a look inside. I was here in May and the only POE was a sketchy hole into a flooded basement. Was planning to return to the area in October. Good job.
view post •  2014-09-17 11:03:35
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RogerM Drove by yesterday. Nothing but machinery and level lots.
view post •  2014-08-18 11:52:23
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RogerM That would be the grist mill on the other side. Looks to have been partly restored, but it is on private property. The sawmill was using a penstock, not the classic waterwheel race. This type of structure used a crude water turbine. There is no evidence of attempts to restore the penstock. (Watch for my next mill location. I have a picture of the probable type of turbine used.)
view post •  2014-08-13 11:32:45
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