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profile of RogerM

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Kingston, Ontario

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Now that's drama!

view post •  Jun 17 2014

Looks like a cistern.

view post •  Jun 13 2014

view post •  Jun 04 2014

Tim Hortons are never abandoned :-)

view post •  May 28 2014


view post •  May 14 2014

Location Comments

It was directly in the path of the 407, so yes it is gone. I have changes the status.

view post •  Feb 27 2018

This place is gone

view post •  Sep 22 2014

Congrats on getting a look inside. I was here in May and the only POE was a sketchy hole into a flooded basement. Was planning to return to the area i...

view post •  Sep 17 2014

Drove by yesterday. Nothing but machinery and level lots.

view post •  Aug 18 2014

That would be the grist mill on the other side. Looks to have been partly restored, but it is on private property. The sawmill was using a penstoc...

view post •  Aug 13 2014