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Location Discussions By TheSaugaExplorer

TheSaugaExplorer This place was demolished a while back - sad to see a place with such heritage and history gone.

view post •  Feb 06 2016

TheSaugaExplorer Tread lightly at this one - being constantly watched; had a lady approach us when we were taking pictures and asked us politely to leave.

view post •  Jan 16 2015

TheSaugaExplorer All three locations still virtually untouched! Enjoyed this explore very much!

view post •  Jan 15 2015

TheSaugaExplorer This place has been newly boarded - now a few more abandonments, a law office, and a chiropractic clinic directly beside it.

view post •  Dec 22 2014

TheSaugaExplorer "Pissing Mike" lives here - got his tent set up inside. Pretty sketchy; tread lightly

view post •  Dec 12 2014

TheSaugaExplorer Yeah, no, I think I'll pass on this one :')

view post •  Aug 04 2014

TheSaugaExplorer It's a shame. This was probably beautiful back in the day :/

view post •  Jul 26 2014

TheSaugaExplorer This looks like it might be worth checking out sometime...nice find!

view post •  Apr 13 2014

TheSaugaExplorer Nice find!

view post •  Feb 17 2014

TheSaugaExplorer Went to check out this place today: gone :( A small little part of the house still stands, but the rest is gone. The area now houses a few million dollar smaller estates

view post •  Feb 01 2014

TheSaugaExplorer Place has been demolished: another one gone :(

view post •  Dec 12 2013

TheSaugaExplorer Changed the name, and yep GPS is correct. And I guess J.P Hutton was the founder of Huttonville? ^^

view post •  Dec 12 2013