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gabrillathehun I lived in the home right beside this one in Altona. It was very similar in appearance except no wrap around porch. It did have the walk out balcony that i enjoyed sitting on and looking at the 100+
view post •  2014-10-06 16:23:02
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gabrillathehun I have to find the video of this ... i have it on an older phone. The guys doing the demolition (a couple days prior,) wouldn't let me in the building but they did let me wander around while they wer
view post •  2014-10-06 16:07:31
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gabrillathehun I have a couple pics of this place ... stay tuned
view post •  2013-12-23 18:01:22
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gabrillathehun Demolished. I do have pics of the demo ... I just have to find the phone I took them on. This hotel was visited by Sir William Lyon MacKenzie ... that I why I am surprised it wasn't saved as a hist
view post •  2013-12-23 17:51:53
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gabrillathehun Demolished
view post •  2013-12-23 17:50:22
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gabrillathehun I still have very good friends living in Altona, although many Homes, Farms, and other buildings are gone, I believe there may be about 150(ish) people still living in the area. A beautiful two story home I used to live in on the 30 Sideline (right beside clay70's cover photo house Altona Ghost Town in Progress. It burnt down from the tenant that moved in after me. :( 2 Barns, Pool, nice proper
view post •  2014-10-06 16:17:31
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gabrillathehun That hotel from what I understand, had William Lyon MacKenzie as a guest.
view post •  2014-10-06 16:13:00
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