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fiso What could possibly go wrong......
view post •  2019-06-01 07:50:00
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fiso That's depressing.
view post •  2019-03-24 08:03:49
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fiso Dressed to Kill
view post •  2019-03-20 07:36:12
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fiso That's different.
view post •  2019-01-07 07:35:04
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fiso Nice.
view post •  2018-12-23 07:41:09
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fiso Excellent addition...thanks for sharing!
view post •  2020-02-16 08:56:26
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fiso Anything's possible. From the Cumberland Township Historical Society: "Just east of the farm on the south side of Forced Road there is a small cemetery, known as the Union or Methodist Cemetery. You can see that the headstones are standing grouped together. This is because the late Leslie Armstrong was the leader of a committee who were going to clean up the cemetery. Unfortunately Leslie passed away and the work has not been completed."
view post •  2019-12-23 12:30:53
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fiso :-(
view post •  2019-10-06 08:47:00
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fiso Excellent find
view post •  2019-09-02 09:21:53
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fiso Demolished Summer 2019
view post •  2019-07-20 08:12:48
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