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Run Down Low-Down
Located in: Toronto
Location #9744

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Location Owner: Miche
Creation Date: 10/5/2013
Last Updated: 10/5/2013

Two houses side by side on Weston Road boarded up and waiting for developers to take over and build condos/more apartment buildings.

Both houses looked to be in rough shape. Found a POE for one of the houses, but as soon as I peeled back the loose board, the stench was overpowering, not to mention the constant traffic and people from all directions. I'm fairly certain there wouldn't be anything of value inside to check out, but I suppose you never know.

As I drove away, I noticed another house boarded up about a block away. Same developer, same fate!

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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Address: 2276 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M9N 1Z5, Canada
Province: Ontario

Winter 2015
Run Down Low-Down
Created on:3/25/2015
Created by: emily.h
4 photos
Serious Stank
Run Down Low-Down
Created on:10/5/2013
Created by: Miche
13 photos