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Ellis Chapel 1861 and Cemetery

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Located in: Puslinch
Location #9328

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Location Owner: mobileworks
Creation Date: 8/6/2013
Last Updated: 12/8/2017

This rare, two side windowed church, is active, only a few times a year for weddings and special dates in this church's history. The pioneer cemetery is closed and the church has only gained historical status with Puslinch and not yet gained National historic status with Canada. Puslinch township was known as the 'Church lands'. Edward Ellis who settled in Puslinch in 1839, [his home til 1873 was at the now service centre, just behind the church, and his brother was across the road and down a bit, 'til 1906, pic with lone hydro pole], donated this 1 acre (south half, Lot 9, Concession 2) of his land to the Sterling Congregation of Wesleyan Methodist Church on May 16th 1859 .The church was almost sold in 1888. It sat vacant and abandoned for many years in the 1940's and 1950's.. Renovations finished in August 1963 and looks like it closed regular services in 1987. Ellis Chapel is the only church with direct access to Highway 401 between Montreal and Windsor on Ellis a.k.a. "the given road". And like the 407, Highway 401 severed Ellis's property years ago. The construction for the gas and food stop behind on the 401 is finally completed. If this church had not been renovated , it might have been purchased , demolished and been employee parking for next door, whew!. Please refer to link for more info. and pics. The church spire, seen in early pictures is missing , now as well as the front awning over the door. Original doors inside now. ........................................................................................... The Karn organ ,, left side of church, was built by the Karn Piano Co., founded in Woodstock ON by Dennis W. Karn [1843-1916] in the 1860's. A farmer and musician Karn taught singing and also built violins as a hobby. He was elected Mayor of Woodstock in 1889 and retired in 1909...................................... Old pictures were taken from photographs around the church and cropped and lightened.

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Status: Active
Category: Church

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April 2017
Ellis Chapel 1861 and Cemetery
Created on:12/8/2017
Created by: phrasesforbidden
7 photos
Inside Ellis Church
Ellis Chapel 1861 and Cemetery
Created on:8/5/2014
Created by: mobileworks
29 photos
in the shadow of the 401
Ellis Chapel 1861 and Cemetery
Created on:8/6/2013
Created by: mobileworks
21 photos