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Westwood Movie Theatre

Located in: Toronto
Location #804

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Westwood Movie Theatre Location Owner: thefishingnut
Created: 8/26/2009
Last Updated: 6/17/2013

The Westwood Opened in 1951 originally with only one screen and was operated by 20th Century Theatres.

In 1968 they added on an addition to the east side of the building and they added a second screen.

In 1980 the large original screen was divided down the middle and became Westwood theatre 2 & theatre 3 and the former Cinema became theatre 1

Famous Players took over in the late 1980's

The theatre closed April 1998

The last movie shown at the theatre was "Titanic" which is rather ironic if you ask me

in 2003 The theatre was used in the filming of the movie "Resident Evil II"

I've heard rumours of the theatre being tore down for a new Ontario courthouse.


According to torgurl124:

This is a movie theatre no longer in use, it closed down in 1998. Just this past September I was able to drive into the parking lot and get some close up pictures but now there are cinder blocks that block the entrances into the theatre.

It is due to be destroyed to make way for a new courthouse. There is a police station practically next door, so I would be careful when visiting. There are no signs that say do not enter but you never know.

There is no way to enter the building but when I was there, there were a pile of newspapers that were delivered there, kinda eerie since it's been closed since 1998.

I only had my iPhone with me to take pictures but I think they turned out well.

Sorry I couldn't get the location from Google Maps due to the fact that Google Maps doesn't go to this area. It is located at Kipling Ave and Bloor Street West.


From IDUE:

The Westwood theatre was opened in 1952, and closed in 1998.

The theatre has been boarded up for a long time, and has been used as a makeshift homeless cat shelter, you can see the rubber-maid containers and cat food littered around the back. In the 2004 movie "Resident Evil Apocalypse" the theatre can be seen when a creature shoots a rocket at it.

The theatre is flooding, and pumps can be heard inside working to pull the water out. All of the seats and equipment have been removed, but there is a network of extension cords leading to halogen lamps and a large generator in the front lobby.


high water depending on the weather, the air is mildewy, recommend some form of breathing protection

No natural light, bring flashlights, and don't forget the extra batteries.

Feral Cats: We didn't see any in the building, but they're all around and their prints are in the mud indoors.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER and always ask permission.

Status: Being Demolished
Category: Recreational

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