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Located in: Toronto
Location #6683

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Location Owner: SuperSonic
Creation Date: 4/14/2013
Last Updated: 8/6/2013

I've driven past this cemetery for a few years and finally visited it today. It intrigues me (and saddens me) because it's surrounded by interchanges of the busiest highways in Canada, maybe North America. There's something disturbing about this being a location for people to "rest in peace", with all the traffic and the airport in the distance. You can see a plane in one of the photos.

The other thing disturbing about this cemetery, is that it is actually two cemeteries. The southern portion is actually a cemetery of remains relocated from another location, that was subsequently sold. I've posted photos of the plaques.

One other thing....there was a couple recent burials that I found odd. The last burial was from 2005. I suspect the person buried here was done so to be with their family.

I also posted a photo of a heart headstone, of a baby that died at 5 weeks, 6 days old. Appropriately, the heart has broken over the years.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Cemetery


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Province: Ontario

Last Burial
Created on:8/6/2013
Created by: SuperSonic
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