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The One With The Gate
Located in: Georgina
Location #5410

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Location Owner: Anonymous
Creation Date: 9/13/2012
Last Updated: 9/14/2012

I wish I could tell you more about this location, but I really have no clue as to what it was used for. It is large, it is strange, and it is in really bad shape. It looks like it was used for institutional purposes, maybe a drug rehab center, or a group home. All the rooms are numbered and there is evidence of a commercial type kitchen. Somebody went buck wild ripping out walls in parts of the building, replaced some windows and doors, then stopped. This place has it's own eco-system growing on the walls, floors and ceilings and the basement is close to being a lake. Careful navigation is required because the floor is so rotten in some spots that it is sinking to the abyss. The place is in the middle of a swamp so I wouldn't figure the property was bought for development so my guess is this is the result of gov't cut backs???

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Status: Demolished
Category: Commercial


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Province: Ontario
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Mold museum
The One With The Gate
Created on:9/14/2012
Created by: Anonymous
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