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The Crossways Fitness Center
Located in: Toronto
Location #5368

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Location Owner: paulbrec
Creation Date: 9/8/2012
Last Updated: 9/8/2012

The old fitness centre, or "Health Club" as they called it, located at the Crossways Complex. It is on the second floor above the retail area, between the two residential towers.
Partly abandoned, partly closed. No longer accessible by the general public, but part of it can still be accessed by the residential tenants to get to the sun deck during the summer.
Opened in 1975, this "high end" club could not compete with other clubs nearby, such as the Bloor Street Boxing and Fitness, located just across the street. The Crossways Health Club closed in 1991 (?). Since then it has not been used, but there are plans to revitalize it, but not as a fitness club. I have heard offices or retail, but no one knows for sure.
It once had squash courts, a recreation room, weight and cardio equipment, saunas and pool.
The pool is the only part still open, but to tenants only.

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Status: Closed
Category: Commercial


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Address: 2340 Dundas Street West
Province: Ontario

Crossways Fitness
The Crossways Fitness Center
Created on:9/8/2012
Created by: paulbrec
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