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Madawaska Roundhouse
Located in: Algonquin Park
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Ontario Abandoned Location Owner: timo explorer
Creation Date: 8/25/2012
Last Updated: 10/24/2012

Back in the day when lumbermen and railway barons ruled the land, the most famous of all in Ontario was J.R. Booth, owner of the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway. Booth was primarily a lumberman, but also built his own railways to haul his logs to the mills. His railway. built in the 1880's, ran from Ottawa to its terminus at Depot Harbour, near Parry Sound. Most explorers of abandoned places have visited Depot Harbour, and if you haven't I highly recommend doing it very soon. The highlight is the incredible roundhouse, standing like a Roman coliseum in the forest.
Booth also built a second roundhouse, near the mid-point of his railway along the Madawaska River. Here he built a roundhouse and station, just as impressive as the one in Depot Harbour. Unfortunately this structure, which stood for over 100 years, was torn down in 1994, for safety reasons and for the construction of a new dam.

Today all that remains is the berm which surrounded the tall concrete walls, a few pilings, and the concrete pad. If you look closely in the overgrown young forest, you can still see stone, metal and wood remnants of a time gone by. Now most of the area has become a community park, but the area of the roundhouse stills remains, although vastly overgrown. The former rail line is clearly visible, now only an ATV trail.
The village of Madawaska owes its very existence to the railroad, and yet no plaque or historic sign marks this spot.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Foundations

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Madawaska Roundhouse
Created on:10/23/2012
Created by: WrecksdaleWreck
3 photos
Madawaska Roundhouse (c1987)
Madawaska Roundhouse
Created on:9/8/2012
Created by: dieter
3 photos
Madawaska Round House
Madawaska Roundhouse
Created on:8/25/2012
Created by: timo explorer
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