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Forgotten Cemetery

Located in: Gananoque
Location #5202

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Forgotten Cemetery Location Owner: azreal
Created: 8/15/2012
Last Updated: 8/15/2012

This beautiful little cemetery, which I'm having issues finding any information on, lacks a name but not character. Stones for husbands and wives, and from the appearance of it there's been no one interred here in 100 years. Someone maintains the grass and trys to keep the stones that have crumbled with their appropriate plots.

Behind a bush, in the back right of the cemetery are four or five headstones lying flat on the ground. There's a fence right beside them so they've either been moved from their original location or there are coffins in the farm field directly behind the cemetery.

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Status: Active
Category: Cemetery

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Address: Highway 15, directly across from Joyceville Penitentiary.
Province: Ontario

Joyceville Cemetery
Forgotten Cemetery
Created on:8/15/2012
Created by: azreal
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