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Double Your Pleasure
Located in: Ajax/Pickering
Location #4846

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Location Owner: doom vs
Creation Date: 5/28/2012
Last Updated: 5/7/2013

This location is across the street from entry # 4340 and is discussed in the thread there. Not sure why this wasn't visited as well, because there's tons more here to see than the boarded up wasp nest across the street!
Two houses. Interesting barn. The house in behind seems to be two structures cobbled together, with the older, stone portion cut off from the other, i.e. two separate entries. Whoever was starting to provide the history in the other entry, please add to it here if you wish. HORRID decor in the stone portion. Perhaps it was rented out as a separate unit. The red brick house roadside has nice interior spaces. Nothing left behind. Vibrant hues within. Barn is pretty worn on the upper floor, i.e. gaps are nearly as wide as the woodwork. Lots of junk and whatnot within.


Description from Sk8punk:

I stopped by this place last summer and dropped by again today. When I went by last summer (2012) the houses were borded up tight. I just stopped by again today (March 5) and everything has been opened up by some other explorers. I managed to find out that this location has been purchased by the Province for the 407 ETR extension. The inside of the houses and outbuildings still seem to be in extremely good shape. Although there is nothing of value inside any of the buildings, the wood work and brickwork are still stable and sturdy. While I was inside the main house near the road, I heard some very odd buzzing coming from somewhere. Almost like an electrical buzzing. I walked around and listened in a number of spots but couldn't ascertain where it was coming from. There appears to be no electricity to the houses or buildings so I am at a loss to explain its origin. It was faint but still audible. There seems to be some recent activity around the place by some tractors or backhoes and some fencing dumped in the main garage dated from early February. A real shame that this place is going to be bulldozed.

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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April 2013
Double Your Pleasure
Created on:5/7/2013
Created by: UnLeashed_Photography
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Double Your Pleasure
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Created by: DARKMAN
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March 28th, 2013
Double Your Pleasure
Created on:3/28/2013
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