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Sideline 28 Tire Dump
Located in: Ajax/Pickering
Location #3651

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Location Owner: captamerica
Creation Date: 12/20/2011
Last Updated: 12/20/2011

This is a very strange site on the airport lands. The building appears to be an old gas station. There were hundreds of tires on the property when I visited in early January 2011; not sure if they have been cleaned up. There is also a large area with drums of oil/other stored in a fenced area. The driveway now has a locked gate across it.

This entry contains my old pictures that were originally filed under Altona but deserve their own location in case any of you intrepid members want to have a closer look. The building is sealed up tight.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Commercial


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Sideline 28 Tire Dump
Sideline 28 Tire Dump
Created on:1/3/2011
Created by: captamerica
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