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Huron Natural Area ruins
Located in: Kitchener-Waterloo
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Creation Date: 9/18/2011
Last Updated: 6/20/2015

Located on the Plantation Trail in the Huron Natural Area near the sunfish pond. This forested area was planted in the late 1950's to create habitat from abandoned farm fields. This area is between where the villages of Williamsburg and New Aberdeen were located. According to the Waterloo Region Museum website New Aberdeen's first industry was a sawmill on Aberdeen creek established 1836 and it had a post office until 1877. Supposedly it flourished in the pre-railway days because it was on the Huron Road but virtually disappeared by the turn of the twentieth century. Williamsburg had sawmills on Strasburg creek by the 1840's. I'm pretty sure it's the foundation of a barn, although there are some metal beams strewn about the ruins, and lots of other metal artifacts.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Foundations


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Huron Natural Area ruins
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