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Redman Farmstead
Located in: Ajax/Pickering
Location #3088

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Location Owner: spydrgyrl
Creation Date: 8/21/2011
Last Updated: 12/9/2012

This beautiful stone house was owned by Thomas Redman in 1877. No doubt it was built much earlier. Redman owned this 50 acre lot on the sixth concession as well as another 50 acre lot directly across the road on which he built a house as well. By 1895, the lot across the road had been sold to William Sadler, and the property was now in the hands of his wife Susan Redman.

A beautiful property, it has not yet been ravaged by vandals. Hopefully there are plans to relocate this gorgeous structure.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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Redman Farmstead
Created on:12/9/2012
Created by: chiller
16 photos
Field stones and the 407
Redman Farmstead
Created on:4/8/2012
Created by: Mydea
16 photos
Redman Farm
Redman Farmstead
Created on:8/21/2011
Created by: spydrgyrl
10 photos