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Woermke (ghost town)
Located in: Renfrew County
Location #3083

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Location Owner: timo explorer
Creation Date: 8/21/2011
Last Updated: 8/21/2011

The village of Woermke was first settled in the late 1800's by the Woermke family from Germany. This area showed some promise of suitable farmland, which was rare along the Opeongo Road.
Today little is left of the original settlement. There are two active homes along the road, both of which appear that they could have been old churches or schoolhouses at one time, but they have been so drastically renovated it is hard to tell. A century farm is also found one kilometre west of the former village, still active and occupied. The farm buildings here certainly show their age and must have been one of the original settlement farms.

A return visit in the autumn (no leaves) may reveal more hidden details.

For a B and W photo of its post office check out this link under "Opeongo Road Ghost Towns" http://www.ontarioabandonedplaces.com/upload/showpics.asp?sid=855clay70#

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Status: Active
Category: Ghost Town


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Latitude: 45.400379 / Longitude:-77.23629
Province: Ontario

Woermke (ghost town)
Created on:8/21/2011
Created by: timo explorer
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