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Hayes Dana Factory
Located in: St. Thomas
Location #3068

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Location Owner: shahna
Creation Date: 8/19/2011
Last Updated: 3/1/2012

Hayes Dana was a factory in St. Thomas, located behind the Memorial Arena. It's been a few years since I have visited there, but the plan is to go back very soon and I will add new photos of what has happened to it.

I have no idea what the factory made or did. For as long as I can remember it has been gutted and torn down, so any extra info would be great. You can comment or pm me and I will update here.

When I last visited we had to climb over a chain link fence to get in, and there was snow everywhere so we didn't stay long.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Industrial


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Address: 80 Wilson St.
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5R 3R2

The closest I could get.
Province: Ontario

March 16 2008
Hayes Dana Factory
Created on:8/19/2011
Created by: shahna
15 photos