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Reid House
Located in: Brampton
Location #2970

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Ontario Abandoned Location Owner: miss alice
Creation Date: 7/20/2011
Last Updated: 7/20/2011

The property at is worthy of designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act for its cultural heritage value. The property meets the criteria for designation prescribed by the Province of Ontario under the three categories of design or physical value, historical value, and contextual value.

The cultural heritage value of the Reid Farmhouse is related to its design or physical value as a prime example of a Queen Anne Revival style farmhouse within the Canadian context. The front facade of the house exhibits two popular attributes of the style: asymmetrical massing and a wraparound porch. The roof, although irregular in shape, includes a steeply pitched gable element on the front fa?ade, which is also common to Queen Anne style houses

This house used to be on the corner of Williams Parkway and Mississauga Road, but has since been moved to the Walmart down the street. Not really sure what they are planning to do with it, but is surrounded by a fence and solar-powered cameras. Most likely to protect it from arsonists (Brampton had a case of arson last year in 2010 that targeted three abandoned heritage homes). There are 31 vacant heritage buildings around the city, so Brampton is now trying its best to preserve them.

UPDATE: Someone bought it! The house is being rezoned from a commercial lot to a single-family dwelling!Meaning...some lucky family gets to live there! The foundation is now set, and it looks like they're putting brick over the raw concrete.

Additional information provided by SoNaive.

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Status: Under Construction
Category: House or Farm

Heritage designation http://tinyurl.com/c4vqww4

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This Old House
Reid House
Created on:7/20/2011
Created by: miss alice
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