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Food N Foam
Located in: St. Thomas
Location #2693

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Location Owner: steaksauce
Creation Date: 5/7/2011
Last Updated: 6/11/2015

Old drive-in style fast food stop that had floats, fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, and ice cream. Looks like it has been closed for quite a while, but wood seating areas in front still look to be in good shape. Sign has said "For Sale" for a long time and there is NO access to the building (lets keep it that way).

A dog trainer lives next door so be prepared for barking!

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Status: Being Demolished
Category: Commercial


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June 2015
Food N Foam
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Created by: OAP
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Food N Foam
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Food N Foam
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Food N Foam
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Food N Foam
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April 19th, 2015
Food N Foam
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Bright & Sunny
Food N Foam
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Long Weekend Food N Foam Visit
Food N Foam
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April 2014
Food N Foam
Created on:4/22/2014
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Food N Foam
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Steaksauce Photography
Food N Foam
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