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Todmorden Mills (ghost town)

Located in: Toronto
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Todmorden Mills (ghost town) Location Owner: jointherapture
Created: 4/2/2011
Last Updated: 4/2/2011

The village of Todmorden grew up around a sawmill in 1793. Later a brewery and a grist mill were added. The grist mill was later converted into Ontario's first papermill.

Four buildings remain: Parshall Terry's house, Helliwell house, the brewery and the papermill. Thomas Helliwell built his house in the 1830's and it is one of the oldest houses in Toronto.

The area was restored and converted into a hertige site in 1967.

The Don river used to flow through in a different place and the old bridge still stands without the river. When I was there in 2009 the bridge was mostly original construction but has since been renovated and little other than one small embuttment remains. The old brick road leads up to this bridge.

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Status: Repurposed
Category: Other

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Province: Ontario

Todmorden Mills (ghost town)
Created on:4/2/2011
Created by: jointherapture
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