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Located in: Brampton
Location #2253

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Location Owner: Anonymous
Creation Date: 1/8/2011
Last Updated: 6/13/2013

I've got two house here in one.
The first: Not sure if this is the original home. I believe this house is located on John Trimble's lot in the township of Chinguacousy South in Peel county. I had stumbled across this house while we were putting the new lanes in on the road for the sub-divisions going in, so didn't get any shots of the inside or any others, didn't have my camera with me when I went in. I had a chance to get inside and this house is hhhuuuuge. There are 3 chimney stacks that come out of the roof. Each stack had 2 separate stacks, so that makes 6 total fireplaces in this house. The basement was fairly large. There is two oil tanks down there as well as the old wood furnace and a retro fitted furnace. The kitchen was weird, it was located in one of the living rooms. (open concept, no islands or anything dividing the two rooms.) I had found some old newspapers inside dated back to 1942. I actually had taken(the oldest) one since there were a good dozen left behind. The stamp on the newspaper states the following: "Reid W M. R.R. 2 Norval ONT. S204. 13-JNY44" The name of the newspaper is "Family Herald and Weekly Star" - "Canada's National Farm Magazine". The house and many others in this area are is still standing but the surrounding properties are all being leveled due to the construction of the sub-divisions.

Second: Same - No info at all except it might have been on the W H. Ostrander property. Yet I'm not even too sure.

In the gallery the first three pics are of the first location and the last two pics are of the second house.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: House or Farm


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