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Woodbine Farmhouse
Located in: Georgina
Location #2169

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Location Owner: lovely
Creation Date: 11/26/2010
Last Updated: 7/17/2014

A beautiful farmhouse that has been abandoned for some time now and at some point will be bulldozed for commercial property as the new walmart is a stones through from it. Sadly it has been terribly vandalized but still gives a beautiful presence of what was and is.

Added from normyy2001:
hi there just had to add this farm location this is where my mother was born 1938 and lived until around 1950 the house and barn where built for my grandfather (auther eager huntley 1888 to 1955) and grandmother florence huntley nee king 1898 to 1980) by my great grandfather. where they raised 7 children i beleive this was built in the early 1910 s to 1920 s the bricks where as the story was told to me brought by horse driven slays over lake simcoe in the winter. Sometime after my grandfathers passing well living in newmarket the house and property 100 acres were sold out of the family. i had allways promissed my mother i would one day see the home she was born and raised in and on march 29 2009 me and my brother and his late gf upon relizing it was abandoned spent some time there exploring with lots of pictures to bring home and now i wish to share this peace of family history with you all as of todays date (march 2011) the house and barn are still standing and currently more visible from road as the widening of woodbine avenue has taken close to front entrace but may be gone soon if anyone has any other history beyond my familys please add or send info to me to add thanks and enjoy the pictues scott

hi there the location is not as shown on map but google gave me wrong location that i entered it is actually located on woodbine avenue north of ravenshoe road very visable as road expansion has taken down trees that use to hide house i have more pictures of inside still to come from my original visit in 2009

Added from Romester:
This house and barn are located on a huge piece of land that has been sold to developers for what will be on e of the biggest subdivisions in Keswick. As of 04/30/14 only the house remains as the barn was demolished. As of 04/30/14 only the house remains as the barn was demolished.

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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