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Sutton home with indoor pool
Located in: Georgina
Location #2044

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Location Owner: jake92951
Creation Date: 10/12/2010
Last Updated: 1/6/2011

Large house with expansion on back with indoor pool. Been abandoned for at least 6 months. large addition added on back with large indoor pool, sauna, whrilpool tub. brand new kitchen, new applinaces left behind, stove is trashed, fridge is a brand new black fridge that is max 3 years old. new cabinets. rear of house looks like it used to be a business. Old coffee machine left in back room. most of house is trashed espically backof house. drywall and wiring has been riped right out of the walls. almost every light in house is broken so broken light bulbs everywhere. bring flashlight, no sign of homeless or animals living in house.

Pool furnace room was recently set on fire...not much damage except for pool area. but fire dept boarded up every little hole that gets you inside. Most of first floor is water damaged from fire hoses. most of house will now probably be full of black smoke residue because there was smoke coming out of every hole, light fixture, vent, crack, door, and window of the house. Front of garage was demoilshed but rubble is still there. House is once again accessible through a small window in the back. I would not go in due to all the water damage, and to get to the main house, you must go through the pool which is where all the fire damage is.

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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Province: Ontario

Fire Damage
Sutton home with indoor pool
Created on:1/6/2011
Created by: jake92951
6 photos
Sutton home with indoor pool
Created on:10/13/2010
Created by: jake92951
9 photos
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Sutton home with indoor pool
Created on:10/13/2010
Created by: jake92951
8 photos