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Canadian Bolt and Nut Company

Located in: Gananoque
Location #1828

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Canadian Bolt and Nut Company Location Owner: rcouper
Created: 8/3/2010
Last Updated: 7/24/2017

The Gananoque steel forging factory was the oldest forging facility in Canada having produced continually since 1865 when it was founded by Byers and Mathew as the Canadian Bolt and Nut Company.

The Steel Company of Canada (STELCO) incorporated the Gananoque manufacturing company in 1910 and the River Street buildings were erected.

By 1960, the factory was equipped with the best high speed equipment of the day to produce a variety of custom forgings for all branches of Canadian industry, particularly for the automotive and farm implement fields. Also, a range of items such as tank fittings and turnbuckles were produced.

From Sandikv, 21 Apr, 2017

This is one of several abandoned factory/warehouse buildings along the waterfront.
A couple of them are currently being gutted and renovated into condos, but this one seems to be left neglected.
There is a clear way in, but it didn't seem safe to go climbing around on my own, so I thought I should wait for a fellow explorer.
Even so, there are huge open windows to photograph through, and I love the stark lines and contrast of the steel beams and painted walls. Factories can offer so many opportunities for great photos.

There are some other unique features nearby this building such as a very old crane that remains.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Industrial

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    Province: Ontario

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    Canadian Bolt and Nut Company
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    Canadian Bolt and Nut Company
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    Canadian Bolt and Nut Company
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    Canadian Bolt and Nut Company
    Canadian Bolt and Nut Company
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