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Gostick Cemetery
Located in: Ajax/Pickering
Location #1809

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Location Owner: spydrgyrl
Creation Date: 7/28/2010
Last Updated: 1/15/2012

While driving the backroads of Pickering Township one night, I came across this old abandoned cemetery. Located on Lot 24, Concession 7 - the corner of Concession Road 8 and the 24th sideline, the cemetery was founded in 1836 by Reverend Thomas Gostick. Gostick emigrated from England with his wife Elizabeth Spearing Burton, and their five children. They purchased the lot on which the Reverend's church would be built a good seven years after having settled there. The Reverend's eldest son, Thomas Jr, would eventually farm the land. The original Gostick house was eventually moved to Claremont.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Cemetery


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Winter Gostick Cemetery
Gostick Cemetery
Created on:1/15/2012
Created by: sdap
7 photos
Gostick '10
Gostick Cemetery
Created on:1/8/2011
Created by: timo explorer
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Gostick Cemetery
Gostick Cemetery
Created on:7/29/2010
Created by: spydrgyrl
10 photos