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1999 - 2019
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Scott's Corners Pioneer Cemetery

Located in: Waterloo County
Location #15755

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Scott's Corners Pioneer Cemetery Location Owner: mobileworks
Created: 12/23/2018
Last Updated: 12/23/2018

Scott's Corners Pioneer Cemetery is marked with a nice sign but only as "Pioneer Cemetery". There are also badly weathered headstones just leaning against a tree. This cemetery might as well be abandoned. Research shows there were no headstones here in 1992. They were taken to a Clyde and Scott's Woman's Institute apparently, but now they are back. Phone calls to the secretary and historian did not turn up anything new. There is quite the distance between the two places as well, and unsure why they were moved at all except to preserve the names. Unfortunately I do not have any names at this time.

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Status: Closed
Category: Cemetery

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Province: Ontario

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Scott's Corners Pioneer Cemetery
Created on:12/23/2018
Created by: mobileworks
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