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Saint Anthony Daniel School
Located in: Ajax/Pickering
Location #14162

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Location Owner: itsgoodtoexplore
Creation Date: 11/7/2016
Last Updated: 5/9/2017

St. Anthony Daniel Catholic school... abbreviated to "SAD".. which makes me sad. All the boxes are labeled "Sad". We found a Sad Music Box. Sorry, I don't have any useful information on the history of the school. Seems to have closed around September 2015. I gained access from the property owner. Though there's a little minor vandalism, the majority is still in tact. All doors and windows are locked... no roof access or damage to the skylight yet somehow kids are still getting in and spraying the fire extinguishers etc.. how? Nobody knows...

We got a little creative with the flashlights and long shutter. Hope you enjoy!


Wow, in the last few weeks this place has been RAVAGED by vandals and thieves. Due to recent damages, looks like the place will be torn down within the year...

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Status: Demolished
Category: Educational


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