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ABC Lumber

Located in: Toronto
Location #12840

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ABC Lumber Location Owner: NGTOne
Created: 10/15/2015
Last Updated: 9/24/2016

Abandoned lumberyard in west Toronto. Uncertain when it was abandoned, but graffiti on the main building is dated 2014 (and likely early 2014, given how much it's faded). Parts of the site are currently being overrun with creeper vines, and a humane-style animal trap was present as well (indicating that there is/was an issue with raccoons, though the trap looked as old as everything else on the site).

All sorts of interesting stuff to be found - there are several large saws of various types in one of the outbuildings, as well as strange lightbulbs, car parts, and rusty tools. There are also some work vehicles (a mid-size flatbed cargo truck and a forklift) sitting out in the open and rusting. Some of the lumber is still present, and shows evidence of fire damage. Unfortunately, the main building is boarded up and appears to be inaccessible, as are the upper levels of the outbuildings. Running water could also be heard through an open manhole (though you'd have to be a raccoon to get into it because it's been built over).

No security or surveillance that I saw or know of (the gate in the fence has become very overgrown, and has concrete barriers placed in front of it for added fun). Watch out for rusty nails and barbed wire - there's lots of degraded/rusty barbed wire around the perimeter, and some of it is pretty tangly. Also, fair warning: the site is fairly open, and a lot of the outdoor portions are visible from a busy intersection.

EDIT 15/10/2015: Grammar pass and slight location refinement.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Industrial

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    Address: 185-187 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M6N 3P1, Canada
    Province: Ontario

    ABC Lumber
    Created on:9/24/2016
    Created by: whatwouldsatando
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    ABC lumber 2016 (Great spot)
    ABC Lumber
    Created on:5/29/2016
    Created by: E-Esam
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    ABC Lumber
    ABC Lumber
    Created on:10/15/2015
    Created by: NGTOne
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