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Cummer Ave. Public School

Located in: Toronto
Location #11447

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Cummer Ave. Public School Location Owner: Jacobite49
Created: 11/18/2014
Last Updated: 11/18/2014

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This public school, Cummer Avenue Public School, was built around 1952 and covered Kindergarten to Grade 6 students for kids in the Willowdale area of North York.

It was perfect for my parents who moved into the area in 1963. My brother and I both went there as did all of my friends.

The building ceased serving as a public school about 10 years ago (not many kids living in the area) and became a school for learning English as a second language, after being renamed "Lester B. Pearson School". In the summer months my oldest 2 daughters would go there for day camp that was held there for a few years.

Several years ago the school ceased all activity and sat empty until now. The Catholic School Board purchased the land and is going to build a new all-girls Secondary High School on the property.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Educational

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Address: 500 Cummer Avenue, North York, ON M2M2G5, Canada
Province: Ontario

Demo ~ Nov 2014
Cummer Ave. Public School
Created on:11/18/2014
Created by: Jacobite49
10 photos
Cummer Ave School ~ June 2014
Cummer Ave. Public School
Created on:11/18/2014
Created by: Jacobite49
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