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Bar None
Located in: Cambridge
Location #10708

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Location Owner: mobileworks
Creation Date: 7/9/2014
Last Updated: 7/9/2014

Could also be category drain or recreational , I guess 2. Closed for awhile , reopened, then this. The Axe and Compass? wow, Why not the Hammer and Toaster? The old Dorchester Hotel next door closed and was leveled and this survived over the Hotel ?. Ridiculousness. The Dorchester had 25 kinds on tap and this place had only 10. There is no reason why the hotel had to go, apart from the fire violations. There was so much detail and great bar and 25 kinds of beer on tap :)..................................................... Anyway , the lake is free 'round back and just space inside. Probably not a good place to turn left into or left out of. Nice view of beige siding from the mill, 4 floors of it. Stream "round back and interesting art work. Water damage, minor puddles today, inside indicating roof damage and possibly mold.

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Status: Repurposed
Category: Commercial


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    Latitude: 43.400294 / Longitude:-80.367984
    Province: Ontario

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    Bar None
    Created on:7/9/2014
    Created by: mobileworks
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