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Dickson Public School 1876
Located in: Cambridge
Location #10301

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Location Owner: mobileworks
Creation Date: 4/21/2014
Last Updated: 4/27/2014

Across from one of Doom's locations lies more doom and gloom as the sun sets on another landmark. Another old school [138 year old], this one in Cambridge, too hard or costly for upgrades, will be closed June 2014. The cost of the school including the furniture was less than $6,000 back in the day. The school was named after the son of Galt's founder, William Dickson Jr., as it was his 2 lots that he was persuaded to sell for $850. It looks like he would have rather placed a nice mansion there, with that view. He lived at 16 Byng Avenue Cambridge[built 1832 and less than a mile from the school] and the house at 10 Byng[steep roof] was the gatehouse but it was meant for a much larger house[than 16 Byng] that was never built. Another house is built between now. This school contains 8 classrooms and a full basement. There are 6 large windows in each room. The double hung windows have a 6 over 6 glazing pattern. The exterior walls are made from neatly cut limestone and stressed for incredible strength in the corners[corner quoining], probably from the old Quarry near Guelph. It has vernacular Scottish Georgian features [box-like structure and symmetry, use of limestone], as well as Italianate features such as the hip roofline and bracketed cornice on the walls. The bell tower was added in 1887. Interior photos when or if approved , please check back. more info; Link in links or ; http://www.cambridgetimes.ca/news-story/4472934-private-goodbye-for-dickson-ps-after-public-battle-to-keep-it-open/

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Status: Closed
Category: Educational

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Province: Ontario
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School on the Hill
Dickson Public School 1876
Created on:4/21/2014
Created by: mobileworks
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