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Mattawa Train Station
Located in: Mattawa
Location #10193

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Location Owner: Suburbex
Creation Date: 3/29/2014
Last Updated: 7/20/2015

Built in the 1890's, the Mattawa Train Station served the town on the Pembroke to Mattawa Railway just one section of the Ottawa Valley Railway. In 2012 it was decited to rip up the Ottawa Valley Railway. During our visit in August 2013 the actual project of removing the rails was underway. It would appear that the Matttawa station and yard are being used to store and support the workers removing the rails. It looked like the station was being used as a meeting area and theres was lots of battered rail cars filled with ties and rails that stretched as far as the eye can see. The station it self looked to be structurally sound but was falling into disrepair. Very spooky place!

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Status: Active
Category: Railway


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Mattawa CPR Station 2015
Mattawa Train Station
Created on:7/20/2015
Created by: b3tamax
13 photos
Mattawa Train Station
Mattawa Train Station
Created on:3/30/2014
Created by: Suburbex
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