The Creepy Abandoned Lee House – Ontario

This is the story of the Lee House in Ontario. It’s a mixture of time capsule and bizarre oddities to be seen. The house belonged to the Lee family. Esther Lee Gladstone was born on November 3rd, 1893.  Arthur Lee was born in 1897.

Esther obtained her diploma from the Moody Blue Institute in Chicago. Arthur was a Reverend. On November 7, 1925 Esther departed New York City for Africa as part of a missionary group from Sim International. Arthur Lee graduated from McMaster in 1924 and also traveled to Africa for missionary work.

In August 1927 the couple married in Africa. The couple had a son named Walter who passed away in Africa at the age of five from spinal meningitis around 1938.
The couple had three children: Gordon, Dorothy and Donald.

The family returned to Canada. In the 1960’s Arthur worked as a teacher in Slave Lake. He retired in 1965. Reverend Lee was pastor of Baptist churches in both Manitoba and Ontario. Their son Gordon remained at home while Donald lived in Mount Hope. Dorothy lived in London, Kentucky and was married to Edward Lauber.

Which brings us to the story of their house. At first glance it resembles many other rural homes. However you begin to realize that there’s something different about this house. First there are the bizarre messages painted on the barn and the house.

message on the barn door of the abandoned Lee house

“Mr. Barry Sheets and his wife R.R.1 Caledonia opened this door without knocking! and sent their small child to ???. I was intending to give away fout prize winning white roosters. However ?? for breeding. ??? was tricked,” reads a painted message on the barn door.

Inside the house are scrap books with articles glued inside pertaining to space travel and aliens. There are photos of two female newscasters that Gordon seemed to be infatuated with. He wrote to them at least twice and received correspondence back.

Gordon Lee in 1951
Gordon Lee in February 1951


Flight Final record

Then there are the photos of skinned animals and some even decapitated. They included geese, possums and coons. It could be that these were animals injured from passing traffic and Gordon had an interest in photographing them. It seemed that Gordon wasn’t much different than ourselves – fond of capturing life as he knew it on film and paper.

handwritten letters

(Credit: ICryNoodles)


The house is filled with so many retro items including black and white television sets and a uniquely decorated stereo. There are boxes of 35 mm slides, audio tapes and books. It seems that Gordon recorded everyday activities on audio tape. One tape is labelled “People talking at the post office”.

Mr. Ashton

Trivial events were documented in photo albums such as Mr. Ashton who swiped the $5 mother had on the ironing board for Gordon to buy groceries.

decayed record player
a unique retro 60's stereo

The house would have been a fantastic time capsule when it was first vacated, which appears to have been sometime in the 1980’s. Being located along a busy highway has ensured that treasure pickers and curious alike have been here. Items have disappeared and the untouched look of this house has become one of clutter.

Photo of Lee House

(Photo credit: Darko)

Photo of Lee House

(Photo credit: Darko)


Message painted on wheelbarrow

“Gordon painted this wheelbarrow”


Photo of Lee House
Photo of Lee House

Esther died in 1997 and Arthur died on March 4, 1971 in London, Ontario after a lengthy illness. Dorothy has passed away and Donald passed away on December 21, 2019. Gordon Lee is still alive as far as anyone knows. 
Attempts to locate Gordon who would be about 90 years old, have been unsuccessful.

Various 35mm photo slides

Photo of Lee House
Photo of Lee House
Photo of Lee House
Photo of Lee House
Photo of Lee House
Photo of Lee House
Abandoned Lee House - an abandoned house of many unusual things

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