Abandoned Caddy’s Strip Club and Rockpile East – Scarborough, Ontario

Caddy’s Strip Club was located in Scarborough, Ontario. Part of the adult entertainment experience of course was the availability of lap dances. This was a private area where dancers would provide dances for men often with unwanted physical contact taking place.

Caddy’s Strib Club joins many others that have closed across Canada as fewer people utilize them. With the availability of adult material, who’d want to pay $8 a beer to see what you could see naked women at home? 

Above the entrance to the building was a Cadillac cut into half.

Entrance to Caddy's Strip Club

There is no electricity so lighting proved challenging during our visit.

center stage at Caddy's Strip Club
Caddy’s Strip Club

bar and stage area at Caddy's Strip Club
Bar area and stage

Caddy's Strip Club
Probably not very sanitary chairs

The basement contained dressing rooms and a backstage room for the live bands that played in the Rockpile East next door.

abandoned Caddy's Strip Club

There’s now extensive graffiti covering the mirrors on the wall, the coolers shown below and several other parts of the bar. 

In 2014 two men were shot outside of the establishment.

bar area of Caddy's Strip Club
Caddy’s bar area

Despite power being on in various parts of the building, I was unable to turn on any of the stage lighting.

DJ booth at Caddy's Strip Club
DJ booth

washroom area Caddy's Strip Club

The basement is beginning to flood though you can walk through it with shoes on.

The property will be demolished to make room for 184 townhouses.

Rockpile East

The Rockpile East was attache to the Caddy’s building. It opened in 2013 and featured The Killer Dwarfs for the debut band.

The cover fee ranged from $15 to as high as $30 per person.

The following photos are from Motleykiwi

Rockpile East

Photo of Caddy's Strip Club
Rockpile East
autographs by bands on the dressing room door
autographed dressing room door