Abandoned Ontario $6,000,000 Mansion with 3 Kitchens

Three kitchen mansion

This abandoned mansion in Ontario has four garages, at least eight sky lights, and three kitchen. Two of the kitchens are next to one another and one is upstairs. To drive past this property, you might get the impression someone were living in it. The slightly overgrown driveway offers a hint that maybe it bears closer inspection.

The property is valued at over $2,000,000. There is significant amount of water in the basement (almost halfway up the door) and therefore unlikely that this property would be sold as is.

There are 8 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms. With three kitchens it’s almost a certainty that this was a multi-family home.

abandoned Ontario mansion with 3 kitchens
Three kitchens and four garages
kitchen number one
kitchen #1

marble floor
marble flooring
kitchen number two
Kitchen #2
spiral stairs
wooden spiral stairs

kitchen number three
Kitchen #3 with water damage
dizzying stairs
Dizzying stairs
back of mansion
Looking from the back of the house

Abandoned Markham Ontario Mansion

Talking Walls Photography - Ontario Abandoned Places

Motleykiwi and I were driving the GTA area when we passed this gorgeous abandoned mansion. At the time there were workers on the property and they’d just started demolition. We waited a short while until 5 pm when the workers left for the day.

beautiful abandoned Markham, Ontario mansion

back of the house
A view from the rear of the house

winding staircase

wooden staircase

We arrived just in time

The baseboard and door trim has been removed which I think was because the demolition company planned to save it. This house had ceiling medallions, recessed wall shelves, two staircases, a stone fireplace and a basement bar. 

demolition commencing


We returned shortly after the workers left for the day and found entry to be quite easy.

I’m sure this beautiful home will be replaced with some ugly housing.

Abandoned Blue Staircase Mansion Toronto

I came across this lovely retro home while out for a day of exploring in the Toronto area. It wasn’t on my list of places to see but the overgrown driveway and For Sale sign caught my attention.  It’s not abandoned but it’s not lived in and well.. it just has a great retro appearance.

A realtor was just leaving when I pulled up so I returned a short time later and found my way inside. It isn’t technically abandoned but regular followers to my social media know that I use the term ‘abandoned’ in a vast scope of applications.

winding staircase
Blue staircase

retro living room

The main floor is quite spacious. The walls have a distinct 1970’s appearance to them. In the far corner of the room is an old vinyl record player built into the wall unit. The couch is unusually large, able to fit at least six people.  

A couch for six

The kitchen area is modern featuring a granite counter top and three sinks.  

The children’s bedroom upstairs resembles what you might expect from The Shining movie. The walls and ceiling are wallpapered in a somewhat nauseating pattern.  

The Shining Twins retro bedroom
The Shining Twins bedroom

More interesting colour choices  

The blue carpeted staircase with wallpapered pattern walls  

In the basement is a room which one can only imagine the parties that may have taken place here in earlier decades. The couch is of a most unique colour pattern, wouldn’t you agree?  

If you do find your way inside this house, don’t be surprised if the realtor shows up while you’re still taking photos. The asking price is in the $4,000,000 range.  

Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Mansion in Ontario

This mansion is referred to as the Star Wars Collectible Mansion with good reason. There are thousands of dollars in Star Wars merchandise to be found inside.

This home was built in 2000 for a Chinese man. He was married with a wife and had three children. The man worked as an architect for the City of Toronto. Below you can see many magazines, stereo equipment, large television and an X-Box console. Everything is left as it was.

Mail has piled up several feet from the inside of the mail slot in the front door. Mold and decay have begun to destroy the area above and to the left of the main doors. 

Living room

Star Wars mansion
Front entrance

Front room

In another front room several more books and magazines have accumulated here. The electricity is still functional. I was able to turn on a ceiling fan and lights in several of the rooms. 

While this may look like a master bedroom given it’s size, it’s actually one of the children’s bedrooms. 

Photographs of the man and his family on the living room fireplace. 

There are clothes scattered throughout the house.
There are clothes scattered throughout the house. 

clothing and new shoes in boxes

Upstairs are several boxes of shoes new in the box and clothes on racks. The Star Wars Mansion appears to have been the base of an online business. This was reaffirmed with online auction print outs in the office.

In total there are six bathrooms and five bedrooms. There’s even an elevator for the three floors of the home. 

Unopened Star Wars merchandise
(Photo by Canucks747) 

In the dining room are boxes and boxes of new-in-the-box Star Wars merchandise. There are Millennium Falcons, C-3POs, R2D2’s, Boba Fette’s and so much more. It’s difficult to take a step without stepping on unopened merchandise. 

dining room filled with unopened Star Wars collectibles
Photo: Canucks747 

In the basement there’s an entire room the size of a garage filled with even more unopened merchandise that includes Stormtrooper ray guns. If I had to give an estimate on the total value of the memorabilia I’d say there’s at least $10,000 to $50,000. 

In the office den are dozens of books, Star Trek and Star Wars boxed items and assorted movie DVD’s. There’s a professional television camera, a camcorder and film cameras.

After a few trustworthy explorers visited here, the owners secured the property. A private security company has been seen on the property. There is also an alarm.

Time to close the books on this one.

Abandoned Ontario $4.5 Million GTA Mansion

This mansion is located in the Greater Toronto Area. It was built around 1985. I named it the “Wasted Space Mansion” because I find that it has too much room and not enough character. You could fill it with furniture and still have too much empty space left over.

The mansion was purchased in 1985 for $835,000 by a wealthy developer. Today’s value is approximately $4.5 million dollars. 

Wasted Space Mansion - Toronto
The front of this beautiful mansion

realtor photo of the Wasted Space Mansion
Real estate photo

Wasted Space Mansion

Once you enter inside the main doors, you’re greeted by a security camera on the right wall. It does move, though it didn’t seem to be tracking anything. Just off to your left will be a glass tiled wall and water fountain. If you walk behind that fountain you’ll find a bathroom.

Wasted Space Mansion
water pond

Wasted Space Mansion

Wasted Space Mansion
Real estate photo of the same pond

Wasted Space Mansion
Bathroom behind the water pond

Further inside the house on the left is a large kitchen with patio doors leading to the outside yard and pool. Just off to the right is what would be the living room, with a fireplace. The lighting in this room is extensive, with spotlights and then trim lights that light up just the walls.

Wasted Space Mansion
large kitchen and skylight

Moving down to the left of the main lobby you’ll come to a laundry room and the door to the garage.

Wasted Space Mansion

large walk in closet
large walk in closet

Take a right from the main lobby and you’ll come to the bedrooms and walk in closet. There’s a metal gate here which purpose I’m not clear on, unless you want to keep your pets out or something.

Your first stop as you turn right should be the entertainment room. This room has a fabric (not wallpaper) flower pattern on the wall which matches the couch. The couch appears to be part of the wall. The switches to raise and lower the curtains and screen (or light blocking screen?) are just behind the couch. There’s a bar and a fridge in this room. Perfect for movie nights and sports playoffs. 

Wasted Space Mansion unique wallpaper
unusual wallpapering
Wasted Space Mansion
bar area

Around the corner is another bathroom with two stalls: one toilet and bidet, one toilet. I guess if you want to listen to one another take a crap this is for you. The bathroom is huge.

Wasted Space Mansion
bathroom with two toilets

There’s a stairway leading to the basement where you’ll find a mini kitchen, a bar area and gym equipment. There’s more wasted space with a large room with a purpose that would seem pointless. 

Wasted Space Mansion
Staircase to basement at far eastern side of the house 

Wasted Space Mansion
Wasted Space Mansion

The property is vacant because of fraudulent activity that took place regarding investments for purchasing several homes in the area, including this one.