Arne’s Time Capsule Farm House – Aurora, Ontario

Arne’s house was constructed around 1850. He lived along Leslie Street in Aurora, Ontario in a fairly undeveloped area. 

Arne raised racing horses and founded two other horse farms in Ontario. I explored this property on a long weekend in August of 2013. At the time the house was filled with original items and you could call it a ‘time capsule’. Arne was born in 1924, and passed away in 1998. 

I’m uncertain if the house had been abandoned for the last 15 years. It’s likely that the house was still being used because the electricity was working. There were signs of water damage as you can see below. 

aerial photograph of Arne's house in Aurora, Ontario
Photograph of the property

Arne's time capsule - Aurora, Ontario
A view from the rear of the property

Arne's time capsule
A view from the front of the property

This one's For Arne
Horse stable

stable house bedroom
Stable house bedroom

horse equipment
Some horse equipment

The device above is used for horses. I’m not certain what function it performs. 

This one's For Arne

This one's For Arne
digital photo frame

retro living room
Retrolicious living room of the main house

very old Royal typewriter
old typewriter in living room

stable boys house with water damage
water damage in the stable house

The room above was a separate part of the property. I believe this was the ‘stable boys’ living area. It contained a living room and bedroom area. This was located behind the main house. 

unopened liquor
Unopened liquor bottles

This one's For Arne


This one's For Arne

This one's For Arne

This one's For Arne
Another view of the stable boys living area. 

By December of 2013 the entire property was town down, now only memories remain.