Abandoned Grow Op Mansion Toronto Ontario

This breathtaking mansion has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and sits on 6,500 square feet of land. It’s definitely out of place among the multi-million dollar homes that surround it. Once you step inside, you’ll understand why. It was also a marijuana grow operation.

It was locked up tight for many months but in 2019 access became available. The house was built in 1982 making it only 38 years old.

It’s alleged that the owner rented the home out to a tenant for $3300/month. That’s an incredibly high price in my opinion. The tenant then used the property to legally grow marijuana. The tenant was eventually evicted for non-payment of rent. (Canucks747)

As with most grow operations, alterations were made to the home which sealed its fate.

The rear door of the house had a metal gate installed to keep out thieves. You can imagine the criminal element would take an interest in this place. There are also security cameras.

abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario
abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario
rear view of grow op mansion

abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario
In the basement duct work which has been run in the ceiling
abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario
The rooms have duct works in them and electrical modifications
abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario

abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario
The kitchen is about the only room that resembles a room you’d find in a home
abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario

abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario

abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario

marijuana shake,abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario

Most every room has been altered to allow duct work to snake through it. Walls have been removed, the fireplaces sealed with expanding foam and power outlets loosely wired in obscure locations. Above you can see the remains of a marijuana plant.

wood staircase, abandoned grow op mansion Toronto Ontario

There’s soil scattered throughout the house and you can find the odd amount of ‘shake’. Despite the turmoil inside the house, the exterior appears normal. The backyard has a patio set and deck. 

The rear of the house has been fortified and there are security cameras in the front. It’s unlikely this house will ever be sold.

Abandoned Ontario $6,000,000 Mansion with 3 Kitchens

Three kitchen mansion

This abandoned mansion in Ontario has four garages, at least eight sky lights, and three kitchen. Two of the kitchens are next to one another and one is upstairs. To drive past this property, you might get the impression someone were living in it. The slightly overgrown driveway offers a hint that maybe it bears closer inspection.

The property is valued at over $2,000,000. There is significant amount of water in the basement (almost halfway up the door) and therefore unlikely that this property would be sold as is.

There are 8 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms. With three kitchens it’s almost a certainty that this was a multi-family home.

abandoned Ontario mansion with 3 kitchens
Three kitchens and four garages
kitchen number one
kitchen #1

marble floor
marble flooring
kitchen number two
Kitchen #2
spiral stairs
wooden spiral stairs

kitchen number three
Kitchen #3 with water damage
dizzying stairs
Dizzying stairs
back of mansion
Looking from the back of the house

Abandoned Ontario Mansion of Murals

This fascinating house in Ontario has been vacant for many years now. It’s not clear why it won’t sell, despite being on the market for some time now. The realtor won’t give any details as to the circumstances of the house being put up for sale.

Entry to this house was tricky but we managed to find a way inside without breaking in (something we don’t do). I will tell you that the house is now alarmed with an external siren that is quite loud.

There are murals on the walls and ceilings. I felt a mix of nauseousness and amazement. A sun room joins the house to the garage.

abandoned mansion ceiling murals and medallions
Ceiling murals and medallions throughout the house
million dollar mansion ceiling mural in bedroom
There’s a mural in the bedroom of course

untouched dining room furniture
Dining room with furniture left behing
wall mural
Lovely wall murals
wall mural

When we learned of this amazing mansion, we knew that we’d have to get on the ball and head out before it become a hot spot for activity. We hit the road by 8 AM and were there before noon. Unfortunately the first visit proved unsuccessful and a return visit was required.

Little is known about this property except that the home has failed to sell in recent years. Most of the furniture remains left behind as do children’s toys in a bedroom closet and electrical items throughout. In the dining room is a kitchen table and buffet with several ceramic canisters inside.

living room
Living room with a view

I tried to find background information for this house and what, if anything, led to the family’s departure and possible reason for the house not to be resold. Unfortunately we could only find a single reference to the former family – a phone number that allowed no incoming calls.

Outside the home is an old Jaguar with front-end driver’s side damage and flattened tires.

This is the bar area with fireplace, marble floor and more murals.

Several of the bedrooms have murals painted on the ceiling while the entertainment room is a marvel of several murals, medallions and carved angels. One might go so far as to suggest this place is ‘tacky’ or over decorated. I found it one of the most memorable explorations of 2017.

upstairs master bedroom
master bedroom

There’s a sun room, multiple car garages, basement rec room, home theatre room, hot tub and a large master bedroom with a deck. The back yard is very spacious and offering an impressive view.

Shortly after our visit the home was removed from the real estate market. It’s unknown whether the home was purchased or not. The proper classification of this house would be ‘inactive’ and ‘for sale’, not ‘abandoned’. At the same time we do use the word ‘abandoned’ as a classification that would cover this property.

Nobody has returned to determine if the house was purchased or just secured, and the mystery of who lived here and why they left will for now continue to be elusive.


ceiling mural of an Angel
ceiling mural of an Angel with bow and arrow

master bedroom

elegance or ugly?
It’s almost too much yet you just can’t stop looking

another ceiling mural

fire place and mural

Mona Lisa

The house remains vacant as of 2020, and the alarm is on.

Abandoned Markham Ontario Mansion

Talking Walls Photography - Ontario Abandoned Places

Motleykiwi and I were driving the GTA area when we passed this gorgeous abandoned mansion. At the time there were workers on the property and they’d just started demolition. We waited a short while until 5 pm when the workers left for the day.

beautiful abandoned Markham, Ontario mansion

back of the house
A view from the rear of the house

winding staircase

wooden staircase

We arrived just in time

The baseboard and door trim has been removed which I think was because the demolition company planned to save it. This house had ceiling medallions, recessed wall shelves, two staircases, a stone fireplace and a basement bar. 

demolition commencing


We returned shortly after the workers left for the day and found entry to be quite easy.

I’m sure this beautiful home will be replaced with some ugly housing.

Abandoned Ontario Vineyard Mansion

Vineyard Mansion

There’s not much I can tell you about this location because it would reveal the address. And while that might not be an issue for you, it would be for me. Soon the taggers would get inside and kids would trash it.

I can tell you that there are two buildings on the property you can explore. The plans are for a developer to build on the site but the community isn’t too enthusiastic about that. The original home was built in the early 1820’s.

There’s a lot of acreage and this would be an ideal place for a wedding ceremony. 

The kitchen is as large as an average apartment. 

abandoned Ontario mansion

very large kitchen
huge kitchen
five showers
five showers

five showers

bread oven
bread maker?

The property looks like it may have operated as a commercial business given the “Exit” signs and lack of bedrooms.

large hall

Abandoned Grow Op aka The Drug Dealer’s Mansion – King City

This is the story of the Abandoned Grow Op Mansion in King City, Ontario. It begins when the Grow Op Mansion was posted to Ontario Abandoned Places in September of 2015 by a member named Drifting Pablo. 

The whereabouts of the Grow Op Mansion were kept a closely guarded secret until it was mentioned on social media that the property had been used as a grow operation. This was enough information to allow other people to Google the address. The mansion was located at 14740 Keele Street in King City, Ontario.  From there it was all downhill. Of course it’s difficult to keep properties secret because someone, somewhere will recognize one.

The $1,700,000 mansion was situated on five acres of land with an outdoor pool, patio and tennis court. Inside the house was a designer kitchen, six bathrooms, large recreation room, sauna, spiral staircase, water fall rock wall and skylights. 

An SUV was parked on the property which looked to be in working condition. I could find no visible issue with it. It would be vandalized by people in the future.

The way inside the mansion was from an unlocked door in the garage. Unlike homes stripped of copper and vandalized, this one retained all of it’s elegance.

King City Grow Op Mansion in Ontario
The “grow op” mansion in King City
main entrance realtor photo of grow op mansion Ontario
Real estate photo of main entrance of the grow op mansion

Elegant spiral staircase with a water fall marble wall in the background. Grow op mansion
Staircase and water fall wall (Realtor photo)

grow op mansion in Ontario
View of the staircase into the rec room (Realtor photo)

grow op house
Main living room with patio doors leading to the deck and pool area  (Realtor photo)

While I was exploring this property, it was obvious that the home had been used as a marijuana growing operation. The upstairs tub had been fitted with a plastic liner and filled in with soil. Hoses were connected to the bathroom sink. In the dusty hallway upstairs I could make out where rows of flower pots had been placed on the floor.

Two packages of unopened electrical fuses were left upstairs. Some doors were sealed, windows boarded and draft areas covered with insulating tape.

Children’s toy cars were left behind in the living room.The washer, dryer, stove and fridge appeared to be brand new. 

Grow op mansion living room (Realtor photo)

When word of the mansion inevitably spread on social media, people’s imaginations ran wild. Lazy people not wanting to research the house, claimed this was an “illegal grow op house” while others called it a “drug dealer mansion”. Some people claimed that it had been owned by a lady suffering cancer who grew her own medicinal marijuana. Despite the catchy stories attached to the house – the reality is somewhat less dramatic. 

kitchen in grow op mansion
Kitchen – Before use as a grow op (Realtor photo)

The home was originally owned by the Fejer family. It was built in 1995 for businessman George Fejer. Fejer founded “Canadian All-Terrain Vehicle Manufacturing” which sold parts for kit cars. George’s son Robert was also part operator of the business. The business closed in 2004.

In 2008 the home was purchased by the Green family. Research indicates that Jeff Green lived in the home with his four children who ranged from 8 to 17 years of age (3 sons and a daughter). The family resided here for approximately four years. The home was then listed for sale with Martin Sheikhan Realty.

The dining room (Realtor photo)

grow op mansion
Upstairs view looking into master bedroom hall (Realtor photo)

The tiled wall had a water falls at each end where water was circulated down the tiles. 

clam shell tub
clam shell bath (Realtor photo)

The well known clam shell bath – you either loved it or hated it.

The above photos came from a real estate advertisement for the house, taken during a time when it was occupied. The photos below were taken after the house became vacant.

Jeff and Cherri Green had a Florida based moving company named America’s Big Little Moving Company registered to the address in 2012. Whether the home was sold again is not known.

Speculation is that the home was purchased by two real estate investors who in turn began using the property as a grow operation. This information may not be entirely accurate, possibly confused with this story. What is known is that a grow operation began operating in the home, which was reported to be legitimate in origin. 

My photos: 

grow op mansion - children's toys

Children’s toys in the living room contrast with the drug paraphernalia found upstairs.

Grow op mansion kitchen – still untouched by vandalism

Unused kitchen appliances left behind. That’s my reflection in the centre. The kitchen has remained untouched by vandals or thieves.

staircase in King City grow op
staircase with fire damage

Note the fire damage at the bottom of the stairs as the result of an arson.

clam shell tub

A package of planting soil in the bedroom next to the clam shell tub

tub filled with soil

Bathtub lined with plastic and filled with planting soil. 


before photo of bedroom

After photo of bedroom: 

after photo of bedroom

The house had been adapted to become a grow operation. Windows were boarded, doors sealed shut and insulation tape placed over areas in which the smell might escape. 


Fuses, as modification to the hydro would have been necessary 

Entrance to the master bedroom. Note the soil on the floor and soot from the fire on the doors.

water falls

Water flowed down the wall tiles 

The grow operation was met with concern by surrounding neighbours concerned about the risk of fire and the “undesirable” people that the property might attract.
A public township meeting was held on February 11, 2015 for residents to discuss their concerns.

The day following the meeting a fire was reported at the house which was deemed to be suspicious in nature. Police said that the house was not currently being used as a grow operation but that they’d removed grow op equipment from the property. The fire was started in the entrance to the home and did not appear to be as a result of “bypassing” the hydro. [Link to story]

After the fire the house was abandoned and used neither for residency or growing plants. The township of King City went out to secure the property but vandals kept creating new entrances.  

The basement: 

Toronto skyline

Toronto skyline as found behind the bar 

grow op basement bar

The bar area 


Skylight (upstairs) 


television left outside

Vandalism or theft, you just know this television won’t remain here very long 


Swimming pool 

new washer and dryer

New washer and dryer (photo: LivingGhost) 

And so it begins…


The windows on the Yukon are now smashed – November 2016 (Photo: Timo Explorer) 

December 2016 – Couch tossed down the staircase, Trump graffiti (photo: Kat666G) 

Some no-talent garbage – December 2016

December 2016 (photo: Kat666G) 

The kitchen a year after my visit: 

And so the story ends in an all too often way. 

The property was destroyed by vandals as is often the case with anything posted to social media.

I’m certain that the outcome would’ve been the same regardless of whether we ever posted it to social media. Social media may have expedited the process though 🙁 
The Grow Op Mansion was demolished in March 2017. Young adults will have to find a new place to trash. 

Photo Credits: OAP, Motleykiwi, Living Ghost, KatG666, Timo Explorer 

Beautiful Abandoned Ontario Log Mansion in Brampton

Abandoned Ontario Log Mansion

This gorgeous Ontario log mansion is located in Brampton. It’s hidden away from the newer housing community just west of it and the entrance to the property is a long driveway tucked in a nestle of trees.

The log house was built in the 1980’s by Thomas Blake, a Quality Assurance Consultant.

There are three bedrooms on the main floor and two in the basement. There are two interior spiral staircases and one exterior one.

The main fireplace is set into a large stone wall that makes up the majority of the wall and forms an arched doorway. Just beyond the arched doorway is another room with a fireplace. Someone had lit a fire either in the fireplace or on the floor and burned a hole through the floor. 

abandoned log house mansion - Brampton
The Log mansion in Brampton
abandoned log mansion staircase - Brampton
Thbeautiful wooden staircase

abandoned Ontario log mansion

The front doors look as if they belong on a business. Above the doors is a circular stained glass window. In another room is a stained glass window of a unicorn. 

The kitchen is modern with a fireplace of its own, the other side of the fireplace opens into the dining room. There’s a large exhaust fan set over the stove and a wall unit oven. The ceiling is made up of wooden beams laid out into rectangular shaped sections.

Vandals have torn the counter off and damaged most every pane of glass. 

abandoned Ontario log mansion
The front doors remind me of a saloon

abandoned Ontario log mansion kitchen
log mansion kitchen

A view of the front of the home as seen from the driveway (below). This photo was taken at 9 PM when it was almost dark.

abandoned Ontario log mansion
Brampton abandoned log mansion

A winding staircase leads you into the basement. It was dark by this time so external lighting was used. Here you can see a basement bar (what a shame to see this wooden construction go to waste). 

abandoned Ontario log mansion

This is a view taken from the top of the staircase on the main floor. There’s no railing here, I felt a sense of danger standing here. As of January 2020 the interior has seen extensive vandalism beyond what’s shown in these photos.

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Thanks for reading.

Abandoned Party Mansion in London, Ontario

London, Ontario party mansion pool

This vacant property located in London, Ontario was built in 1984 and sits on 1.88 acres of land. It was listed for sale at $1.5 million dollars. The address was 1343 Sunningdale Road East.

In the back of the property is an indoor pool room with 26 feet high wooden ceiling. There’s a strong wood smell as you enter the pool room as well as chlorine. Several double doors lead to the outdoor deck from the pool room. The stagnant water has turned a florescent green color that appears to glow in the light of the sun. 

indoor pool filled with green goo
Indoor pool and green goo

There’s a small wading pool next to the larger pool. Each of the surrounding walls is made up of windows to allow light in, and the lack of neighbours in the back offers some degree of privacy. 

Electricity to the house is provided in part by a solar panel system located on the roof. 

abandoned party mansion living room

Above is the living room, with the dining room off to the left.The house has seven bathrooms and five bedrooms in addition to oak wood floors and a double staircase. 

Just beyond the staircase is the office (or entertainment room?). It’s made up of wood paneling and cabinets. 

abandoned party mansion office room
Office room with plenty of wood

Children’s bedroom

Above is a photo of an upstairs child’s bedroom. The walls are painted with birds, flowers and a large tree.

retro bathroom
an outdated bathroom

Some may find this bathroom to be outdated with it’s 80’s feel. Behind the glass walls are a toilet, shower and bidet. 

This is the view from the upstairs floor looking down into the main foyer. There’s an upper landing (top right) which is not easily accessible unless you have a ladder. It has a power outlet which would make it useful for a Christmas tree or other decoration. 

Someone has put hangers on the chandelier – student notes are scattered on the floor. 

The area next to the kitchen.

In the basement you’ll find a child’s play room. There’s a child-height sink and door, plastic slide and a small theatre (just to the right of the green wall). Children watch movies on a large television screen. The play area has windows that look out into the hallway. 

Downstairs are also a laundry room, furnace room, apartment and a bar room.

(Photo: Motleykiwi)The kitchen has a walk in pantry to the left of where the fridge would be. The door leads to the dining room and living room. 

Why is the house vacant? 

It’s believed that a family lived in the house until 2015.

After the family moved out, a night club owner allegedly owned the property until June of 2017. Classified ads for basement rental units  were posted as late as March of 2017.

The nightclub owner is said to have held events on weekends. An optional party bus would drive you to a night club afterward. Some of the event tickets were claimed to be over $1,000 and included open alcohol and drug bar as well as a seat on the bus. This seems to be somewhat exaggerated to me. 

What’s more believable is that student parties were hosted (as recently as 2016) with over 500 tickets sold on a good night. The prices ranged from $15 to $30. 

Here’s what one online advertisement read:


I can empathize with the neighbours who wanted a tranquil and quiet area to live. 

It’s believed that the current owner is an overseas investor who paid $1.5 million for the property. They are asking at least $2 million and developers are not willing to pay that amount. The property sits untouched. Fortunately vandals have not yet found the property. 

Scrappers on the other hand, have. While exploring this location we observed a couple in the lot next door salvaging metal objects. On our next visit we observed the heaters in the pool room had been ripped out.

A water pipe in the basement has broken and water is slowly filling the basement. Black mold will soon follow, rendering the house unlivable.  

The house was demolished in late 2019.

Abandoned Blue Staircase Mansion Toronto

blue staircase abandoned mansion Ontario

I came across this lovely retro home while out for a day of exploring in the Toronto area. It wasn’t on my list of places to see but the overgrown driveway and For Sale sign caught my attention.  It’s not abandoned but it’s not lived in and well.. it just has a great retro appearance.

A realtor was just leaving when I pulled up so I returned a short time later and found my way inside. It isn’t technically abandoned but regular followers to my social media know that I use the term ‘abandoned’ in a vast scope of applications.

winding staircase
Blue staircase

retro living room

The main floor is quite spacious. The walls have a distinct 1970’s appearance to them. In the far corner of the room is an old vinyl record player built into the wall unit. The couch is unusually large, able to fit at least six people.  

A couch for six

The kitchen area is modern featuring a granite counter top and three sinks.  

The children’s bedroom upstairs resembles what you might expect from The Shining movie. The walls and ceiling are wallpapered in a somewhat nauseating pattern.  

The Shining Twins retro bedroom
The Shining Twins bedroom

More interesting colour choices  

The blue carpeted staircase with wallpapered pattern walls  

In the basement is a room which one can only imagine the parties that may have taken place here in earlier decades. The couch is of a most unique colour pattern, wouldn’t you agree?  

If you do find your way inside this house, don’t be surprised if the realtor shows up while you’re still taking photos. The asking price is in the $4,000,000 range.